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A Traditional Way of Hunting in Tuscany 



Immerse yourself in authentic Tuscan life, where ancient traditions are still practiced.


The Maremma region, an immense forest-covered hinterland, is well-known for its wild boar hunting and Italian cowboys, the Butteri Maremmani.

In southern Tuscany’s Maremma hills, nestled 20km away from the Mediterranean Sea, Valle di Buriano awaits.

The private wild boar hunting reserve offers 600 hectares of wilderness- the perfect setting for a Tuscan hunting weekend.


Valle di Buriano organizes three types of hunts; 

 La Caccia alla Cerca

La Battuta

La caccia all'aspetto

Wild boar hunting in Maremma is a unique experience- not only due to the quality of the animals,

but also due to its rustic landscape and ancient traditions.


The Maremma region offers a one-of-akind,

action-packed hunting experience.



Valle di Buriano is a private hunting reserve, which cultivates the ancient traditions of the region,

with respect for its environment, animals

and the rules of hunting.

Located in a national

park, this reserve has much to offer,

to all hunting lovers that want to experience the ancient

Tuscan way of hunting.



On the first night, Castello di Vicarello opens its gates and welcomes all hunting enthusiasts for a

get-together over a delicious dinner.

The dinner is held in the Castle’s medieval kitchen, during which the Baccheschi Berti family shares important information for the hunting day ahead.

The real hunting experience starts early in the morning, at Valle di Buriano  ...

Castello di Vicarello’s classic Tuscan kitchen lies at the very heart of its country house experience.

Organic products are nurtured in the kitchen gardens, fresh organic eggs are collected from the estate’s chickens, and cheeses, meats and fish are locally sourced.

Enjoy the authentic, delicious Tuscan dishes accompanied with Castello di Vicarello's award-winning wines. 


Castello di Vicarello, an exclusive, privately owned-country estate built in the 12th century, lies in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany.


The property boasts vineyards, olive groves, and farm-land,

offering total seclusion and abundant space for a truly memorable hunting weekend.

The Castle’s seven suites, each unique in their interiors and character, have been carefully styled with furnishings and materials

that work in harmony with the original architecture.

The atmosphere is that of an elegant, yet luxurious, home-away-from-home.


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