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Immerse yourself in authentic Tuscan life, where ancient traditions are still practiced. The Maremma region, an immense forest-covered hinterland, is well-known for its wild boar hunting and Italian cowboys, the Butteri Maremmani.


In southern Tuscany’s Maremma hills, nestled 20km away from the Mediterranean Sea, Valle di Buriano awaits. The private wild boar hunting reserve offers 400 hectares of wilderness- the perfect setting for a Tuscan hunting weekend. To ensure a successful hunt, guests will work closely with professional, local hunters and trained dogs.


The hunting reserve is divided into different compounds, of which one is reserved for the reproduction of wild boars. Depending on the number of hunters, a combination of different compounds is used, to preserve the tradition and maintain the equilibrium of nature.




Valle di Buriano is a private hunting reserve, which cultivates the ancient traditions of the region, with respect for its environment, animals and the rules of hunting. Located in a national park, this reserve has much to offer, to all hunting lovers that want to experience the ancient Tuscan way of hunting.

The uncontaminated landscape of the region offers the perfect environment for the wild boar population to thrive, which has a great impact on its tradition, culture, history and cuisine.

To ensure the best quality of life for the animal as well as the highest standards of meat, the wild boars eat the natural ingredients which the forest has to offer and are solely fed organic acorn.


Traditional Practices

Castello di Vicarello organizes all shuttle services from the Castle to Valle di Buriano, and viceversa. This service is included in both packages.





For guests who would like to keep the memorable trophy, Castello di Vicarello cleans, stuffs and sends the wild boar to your home.





Enjoy an outstanding and unforgettable private helicopter flight from Castello di Vicarello to the private hunting reserve Valle di Buriano.





Concierge Service
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