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Castello di Vicarello, an exclusive, privately owned-country estate built in the 12th century, lies in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany. The property boasts vineyards, olive groves, and farm-land, offering total seclusion and abundant space for a truly memorable hunting weekend.

The Baccheschi Berti family does not only share their passion for healthy food, complex wines, and a welcoming home, but also keep the ancient hunting practices alive. With the same respect for the environment as Valle di Buriano, Castello di Vicarello embodies true, Tuscan, country-chic lifestyle.

The Castle’s seven suites, each unique in their interiors and character, have been carefully styled with furnishings and materials that work in harmony with the original architecture. The atmosphere is that of an elegant, yet luxurious, home-away-from-home.

Castello di Vicarello is approximately a 45-minute drive away from Valle di Buriano. Thus, Vicarello organises shuttle services to and from the hunting estate.



Castello di Vicarello’s classic Tuscan kitchen lies at the very heart of its country house experience. The castle offers a welcoming environment, in which to discover the joys of seasonal and authentic Tuscan cuisine. Organic products are nurtured in the  kitchen gardens, fresh organic eggs are collected from the estate’s chickens, and cheeses, meats and fish are locally sourced.

Carlo Baccheschi Berti and his oldest son, Brando, have established a highly successful vineyard on the slopes surrounding the castle. Guests can experience award-winning wines from organic grapes grown and harvested on Castello di  Vicarello's estate.

All meals that do not take place in the Castle, are catered for by Castello di Vicarello.

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