Valle di Buriano organizes two types of hunts, La Caccia alla Cerca and La Battuta, from which guests may choose.


The type of hunt depends on the number of participants and the experience you are seeking.


Wild boar hunting in Maremma is a unique experience- not only due to the quality of the animals, but also due to its rustic landscape and ancient traditions.


The Maremma region offers a one-of-akind, action-packed hunting experience.


This style of hunting, is ideal for 1 – 2 participants.

The “Caccia alla Cerca” mostly takes place in an area with a high wild boar density. The hunter is accompanied by a guide and his hound, who track the wild boar in the Mediterranean woods.

To ensure a successful hunt, it is extremely important to have the wind in your favour and the absolute silence of the guide and hunter.

Once the hound traces the wild boars, the hunter situates himself in a stable position and waits for the animal to come in sight, before firing the shot.


This style of hunting, is ideal for a minimum of 3 participants.

La Battuta is a thrilling adventure that every hunter must experience. This specific hunting technique, is one of the oldest and most typical hunts in Italy.

Early in the morning, the hunters will move into the woods, where they position themselves on Wooden stands in a straight line “le poste ”. Once all participants are in the right position, the “Capocaccia” blows the horn, to announce the start of the hunt. This moment is followed by total silence, before the dogs start to bark and push the wild boar closer to the hunters.

Be prepared to control the excitement, focus on a steady hand, keep calm and concentrate during the thrill of the chase! There are only a few seconds to understand which bush the wild boar will jump out of, to fire the perfect lethal shot.